WIP Wednesday: DIY Mermaid blanket

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I had seen some adorable mermaid blankets on pinterest. They were mostly knitted or fleece ones. I'm not a huge fan of sewing with fleece and flannel for blankets. I usually use it as a lining because I really like working with cottons. I had the idea to make Amelia a pink tail blanket for daycare and couldn't decide on a shade so I decided to give in the the ombre craze and use all her favorite shades of pink!

You'll need:
1-2 meters of fabric depending on how long you want your tail to be.
1-2 meters of flannel to line the blanket
Sewing pen
coordinating thread

Sorry for the lack of pictures...

Step 1: I sewed together four strips of various shades going light to dark. For Amelia's blanket I used the following measurements:

Fabric 1:  8 inches (WOF)
Fabric 2:  10 inches (WOF)
Fabric 3:  14 inches (WOF)
Fabric 4:  18 inches (WOF)

Step 2: Fold the fabric in half widthwise and draw the desired shape. I found a tailfin template to use as a guide but ended up freehanding the tail design.

Step 3: Lay the cut out tail on the flannel and cut 2 pieces to line the blanket

Step 4: With right sides together sew the top of outer pierce 1 and lining piece 1 together. Turn right side out and iron the seam.

Step 5: Pin the fabric together and sew/serge around the edge.

Step 6: Repeat for second piece of fabric and lining.

Step 7: Using a sewing ink pen draw gill pattern on the blanket. I chose to only quilt one side. For the tail I replicated the lines that occur in a fishtail at the bottom of the fin. I used a thread that coordinated with the  darkest shade of pink. and quilted along the lines using a straight stitch.

Step 8: Place both pieces right side together. sew/serge down the sides. You may want to sew and zigzag along the bottom of the tail to get the right silhouette.  Use a straight stitch along the top edge to top stitch the opening of the blanket.

Step 9: Give to your little and let her slip into her new mermaid tail blanket! Washing the blanket gives the fabric a bit of a crinkled look and makes it even more "mermaidy" At least according to A2.

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Easter baking

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another long weekend has come and gone- and what a shock we got more snow! Honestly a green Christmas and a white Easter were not exactly what I had in mind this year :/

Normally we are out skipping rope, drawing with chalk and blowing bubbles Easter weekend. This year we took advantage of the bit of sun we had to go for a walk and do a little drawing but then we had to find some indoor activities to occupy our time.

Naturally we made Easter cookies. We decided to send these to Amelia's teachers because they are clearly not on the 21 Day Fix program ;)  

We made the sugar cookie and royal icing recipes from Sweetopia.  I love her blog, so many great ideas, tutorials and recipes. I used the cupcake cookie cutter from (a favorite shop of mine). 

Amelia decorated her cookies like this:

I loved her concentration. She was so cute!
I really wanted to try making the lamps like the Flour Box Bakery tutorial on Facebook. I must have watched the video about 15 times before I was happy with the results. The gray was a little too dark for my liking but it is what it is they are still cute.

I have a lot of practicing to do before the big tea party in June if I want my Anna and Elsa cookies to look as good as the ones the Flour Box Bakery or Sweetopia make!

*Disclaimer: I received no money or products from the blogs/companies I linked to in this post. I just like them and shared.

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