All About Lisa

Welcome to my life.

The Babblings started as a place to keep our family members up to date with our crazy lives. It has grown and is read all over the world! I'm still pretty amazed by that.  I share our adventures, my sewing, cooking and our ongoing renovations. We have two amazing kids and we try to embrace every moment of our craziness!

I am building a life I love through my family, community engagement and personal and professional development. I am a personal coach, a blogger and a skilled public sector administrator and entrepreneur who is passionate about building effective teams and empowered team members,  A lover of all things local, I'm an advocate for local mom-preneurs and for creating whatever it is that is in you to create. I sew, cook, craft and conquered a full honest to goodness push up!

I thrive on helping others discover the path to their goals. Through coaching individuals to live their daydreams and reach their fitness goals, I am able to help others and pay forward the inspiration and investment in me that my coach made when she never gave up on trying to inspire me to reach for teh moon  when I could barely reach for the remote.

I have always been slightly overweight. I never felt 100% confident in my own skin but it didn't hold me back from performing in musical theater growing up. I played volleyball but wasn't quite good enough to make the team. I figure skated and barely made the team.  I found my thing in singing and acting and being involved in the community.

I went to University and gained the freshman 15. Then I turned 19 and gained the club going 15. Moved out of the house and gained the new freedom 15. It wasn't until I was 20 that I realized how big I had gotten and could no longer say I was slightly overweight.

That summer I was working for a ferry service and I lived on the boat for 2 weeks straight. I'd work from 7am to 7pm and then go straight to the small gym and run/walk on the treadmill for an hour, eat salad and egg whites and lift weight according to the plan that two of my coworkers showed me. I lost 50lbs in one summer.

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