FREE 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What is clean eating?
Many of you may not be sure what Clean Eating really means.  With all the fitness and nutrition buzzwords out there, it can definitely be confusing.  Most people agree that Clean Eating at its most basic definition means eliminating processed foods, additives, preservatives and artificial sugars from their diet.  Basically, you’re eating whole, unrefined foods.  Since you’re avoiding anything that has been altered in any way, your diet will be filled with whole grains, fruits, veggies and other wholesome, nutritious foods.   Since 70-80% of your fitness results come from the foods you eat, clean eating is a crucial part of your success. Plus it just makes you feel better!

My NEXT Clean Eating Challenge Group starts on February 29, 2016!
I provide:
  • 5 day meal plan
  • Recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Daily motivation and fitness tips
  • Optional purchase at cost: 5 day supply of Shakeology
I only have TWO requirements for joining the FREE 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge:
1)      The first is participation.  No lurking allowed!  You must participate in the daily check-ins and assignments. The time required is minimal, but follow-through is mandatory.
2)      I’m game to help everyone but if you already have a coach (or are a coach) please let me know up front.
Comment below by February 25 to join this challenge!

The Cat's Tummy: Urban Farm Girl Guest Post

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I love cats, like love love love them! 

I could easily see myself as a happy cat lady. Sitting in my rocking chair blissfully surrounded by felines. Big cats, little cats, fat cats and thin cats, black cats, white cats, orange cats and grey cats. Striped cats, spotted cats, solid cats and patchy cats. Cats with long fur and short fur, fluffy fur and sleek fur, even a few with extra toes, they are so adorable. As you can see, this love for cats could easily become a problem. But do not fear, I also have other loves in my life,  my amazing children, who also love cats , my dog Stella who happens to be a huge cat fan and my husband.....Drew....Did you notice how I did not mention his enjoyment of our furry feline friends? Ahhhh, you see where I'm going, yes? Without my husbands hard fast rules we could very well be living the dream of owning a clowder of cats. (Just imagine the hours of fun!)  

My husband's rules are as follows:

1. You may not eat nutella as a meal replacement 
2. You may not allow wild animals in the house even if they are adorable and you can hand feed them on the deck 
3. You may not own a clowder of cats. 

And because my loving husband pays the bills  and because he's a pretty good guy, I abide by his ridiculous rules and spend too much time at the local shelter patting their clowder. 
Which brings me to my point, or at least a big closer. You see, the last visit I made to the shelter I noticed this cat, a real BEAUT!  I could see this cat was a bit older, a little rough around the edges and pleasantly plump. Yet still a-dor-a- ble! This cat seemed somehow familiar. It reminded of someone, really,really  reminded me of someone.  I moved from cage to cage talking to each kitty, patting the ones who would let me. But I couldn't quite shake the feeling.  I sat myself on the fur covered lawn chair next to the window and cuddled a little black and white cat who jumped on my lap. Did she look like a cat from my childhood? A neighbour's cat perhaps?  One of the cats we had fostered?  The familiar cat got up from her basket stretched, turned around a few times and laid back down.  I noticed that the cat's stomach hung almost to the floor, poor little dear. It jiggled and wiggled and sagged. How on earth did that happen? You'd think they'd give the poor soul a little lift when they fixed her, I mean they were in there anyway. 

Then the flashback started. It was like something out of a horror film, eerie music played in my head.  Pictures from the present and past flashing through my mind. The cat in the basket and me, naked, in the bathroom mirror bending over to shave my legs. My God! We had the same stomach. Oh the horror!!!! I couldn't breath. That cat and I had the same horrible affliction! At least it has a reason for its sag- it had probably given birth to hundreds of kittens while living on the streets. What was my excuse?  2 kids?  Ha 

I went home that day and took a long hard look in the mirror and even followed rule number one. Then I decided, although that cat was amazingly adorable, I didn't want to someday trip over my stomach. So I got on the treadmill and will continue to do so for a good long time. I have no goal or expectation of a flat stomach and Autumn Calabrese abs but I have made myself a promise. I will do my best to work toward not looking like the cat who mothered a clowder.

NOTE: Emily has is an active member of my February challenge group and has already lost 13lbs! I am so proud of her! If you want to join us just comment below and I'll get back to you asap :)

She is a mother of two children and 2 fur babies. Her family recently transplanted from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick where she finds herself looking for a new career. She spends her time volunteering at her children's school and the SPCA. Her husband searches the house daily in an effort to uncover any animals smuggled in after her shifts.
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