That damn elf...Day 1

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

On Monday evening I was working away on Christmas gifts that need to go to Newfoundland. I'm on a deadline because my lovely Aunt is heading home this weekend and is willing to take a suitcase for me. No cheaper postage to be had! I'm also doing homemade Christmas again this year so that means projects in the works need to be all finished, wrapped and packed up by Thursday evening.

I looked up and realized it was midnight and I needed to get to bed. Up I go to retrieve Hermie from his hiding place. I opened my pj drawer, moved the mountain of Christmas jammie pants out of the way only to find- nothing. I broke into a cold sweat...where was that elf?! I was sure that he was left in there, in fact I know I saw him this summer. I quickly went through each drawer and then each drawer of my bedside table, G;s bedside table, my closet, G's closet, under the furniture. I was pale with panic, cold sweat was beading across my forehead.

Stupid elf, why did I ever start this for the kids...

We search the crawl space and all the Christmas boxes, nadda. Hermie is taking hiding to a new level. Apparently he is so well hidden even the kids couldn't find him on Tuesday morning when they woke up....

After work I raced to Chapters, picked up a new Hermie who was a little chubbier than our real Hermie and decided to have him bring a reindeer friend for Amelia.

Then we raced home, I put the elf and reindeer in place with a note, hid the boxes and went to pick up the kids.

Austin was really excited to see Hermie and Amelia was thrilled that he brought a reindeer friend. Austin read the note and the kids named the reindeer Snowy. I think Snowy and the excitement of getting their first chocolate from their calendar was a good distraction- no one noticed that Hermie had gained some weight and had a little tan...

Apparently Amelia REALLY wants that special gift from Santa because she slept all night in her own bed and didn't get up until 5am for a morning cuddle. I'll take it!!! It takes 21 days to make a new habit and we've got 22 days left to countdown. I'm praying for a Christmas miracle!

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