I'm surprised I still have a blog

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So I was surprised that I haven't been shut down. I warned you at the beginning that I'm not very good at keeping these things up to date but I am trying.

Vancouver was a great experience. I saw a few things that I hadn't seen before (Really, who picks up a pigeon off the street, kisses it, strokes it and talks to it and then carries it off with them?! The guy on Robson St that's who!) Stanley Park was really neat. I got some amazing photos that I have yet to post on Facebook or email to anyone. The course was really interesting and I was really busy the whole time I was there. The jetleg was a bit of a downer but it did get me a Friday off work.

We finished our living room finally! Boxes are unpacked, curtains are finished and hung and the rug and shelves are in place. My wonderful brother in law is coming over on the 26th to start the bathroom renovation and hopefully that will be finished by December 5th. Once that is done the main floor and the upstairs will be finished! I am so happy! The kitchen will eventually get done but we're looking at a complete remodel which means $$$ so that means saving for a bit to make that happen. Gordon wants to start the basement after Christmas. He's planning on knocking down a couple of walls to open the space up. The bathroom downstairs will hopefully get done just after upstairs is finished so that should already be done. Every time we finish a new task I fall more in love with our home. It's not just a house anymore.

This weekend is the Parade of Lights and we're going with Garnet and his family and then the boys are staying over for the night. They are too cute! We have so much fun with them...until they start to whine. That makes me wonder if being DINKS forever is a good Maybe...maybe not!

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  1. Ok Lisa.....its time to blog again....or else the "blog God" god will take away your blogging privileges. lol


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