St. Patrick's Day Fun

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ahh St. Patrick's Day....this year we went without the Leprechaun peeing green in our toilet, little green footprints and the lucky charms, focusing on rainbows instead.

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast of champions
 Weekday mornings are a blur, so on the weekends we take our time....and we usually serve up buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. I divided and coloured the batter and then made the pancakes with just 1 tbsp each of batter on the grill.

batter coloured with Wilton food gel
Daddy's stack
 I was hesitant to give the kids this much food colouring but for one day I don't think it's the end of the I paired them up with rainbow fruit skewers!

How could you not Kiss these Irish cheeks!

remember this shirt? year it will be a skirt

I can't believe how big my littles are getting. I just had to pull up some comparisons. Where is the time going?

Last year...look at that hair...

Last little Elton

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