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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm a bad mommy.

I did the unthinkable...I went to Disney in April and I DIDN'T TAKE MY KIDS!!!

I was there for a work conference and the schedule was packed. So in the wee hours of the morning I sneaked (is that even a word) off to catch my flight to Orlando while Oz slept peacefully and Amelia screamed her head off knowing something was up...

Several hours later...

After a little refresh, Linda and I took a walk around our resort, found the store with the gourmet treats and all the Disney things you didn't even know existed, made a plan to get up and be at the outlet mall for opening, turned on Fashion Star and then slept....for 12 hours...apparently I needed it.

Magical cocktail with my Campus Card peeps

Why hello Minnie!

I was very fortunate to take part in two Disney Institute sessions as well as attend a key note given by them. The first was an "Incredible Race" around Epcot to focus on teamwork (that was an interesting session!)
Git 'er done! (Disney teamwork style)
The afternoon was spent taking part in a session called behind the magic. We were taken behind the scenes and shown in detail how Disney treats their cast members (staff) and why they do it that way. I was blown away with the care and attention Disney takes to involve their cast in the Disney experience and making them truly engaged in each guests experience.

No pictures are allowed backstage but I can tell you that behind the scenes is fascinating ..we saw wardrobe, cast lounges, transportation and were in the "tunnels". If you follow me on Twitter you have scene the crazy tidbits that I learned.

At the end of the day (figuratively speaking) I wanted to go work at Disney. I was amazed and I earned two Disney critters for giving our awesome leader Mark the right answers to his questions. (The Disney mandate permeates each and every corner of the earth- that earned me a Daisy Duck)

I love Disney...

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