Focus 35 Friday: Update

Friday, December 5, 2014

I started the 21 Day Fix a week or so ago and have been doing pretty good. My eating has been cleaned up a lot but these sugar withdrawal headaches are killing me! It was incredible hard to look myself in the mirror and admit that I couldn't even say "despite my best efforts" because I haven't been putting in my best effort. G and I had a really great chat and we made a schedule that gives me time as soon as we get home from work to get my workout in. He's really helping out in the kitchen and that helps me stick to the plan. Last week I was down 1.8lbs. I didn't take my measurements at the start so I won't have an inch comparison until next week.

Here are some of the resources I tapped into this week to get me on track:

I found some great meal ideas here. Eating is 80% of the battle and that means dealing with my sugar to tackle that now before the holidays so that I don't let myself get out of control.

I really like the 21 Day fix portion control. It does make it easy. I am actually having a hard time eating all of the portions that I am suppose to! I also downloaded the 21day fax tracker app from itunes. It is great and makes tracking easy and even lets me know what workout is scheduled for each day of the program.  Highly recommend it!

Next week I'll post a stats update!

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