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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Today I am hopeful.

I can't stop smiling knowing that our country came together and collectively said that we would not stand for divisive politics, for fear mongering and religious based persecution.

A majority government that campaigned on hope, positive outlooks and collaboration has a lot to live up to. I feel optimistic that this is a turning point for Canadians and that Justin Trudeau will restore our reputation with our Global partners. I feel hope for my children and for my country.

Today I am hopeful, because I see my family and our values reflected in our leader. He has young children and a wife who has stood up for women's rights.  His family like to visit the pumpkin patch....

Source: The Canadian Press

Our family likes to visit the pumpkin patch...

See we could be best friends!

I have faith that Canada will be a better place. I could rant about all the reasons why I disapproved of our most recent Prime Minister, however I will take a page out of the book of our newest Prime Minister and I will choose not to attack him. I will say thanks for the UCCB it has really helped our family pay for the high costs of childcare, thanks for serving our country. 

Now pack your bags and don't let the door hit your negative ass on the way out!

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