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Friday, October 21, 2016

Well hello blog! How are you? Did you miss me?

It's been awhile. I had the most fabulous wedding to plan and I got so wrapped up in creating the perfect celebration for my sister that, while I wanted to write I just didn't make the time. There was always "just one more detail" to take care of. The wedding was epic and wonderful in case you are wondering, but you'll hear all about it soon enough!

August we were all sick. I mean two trips to the ER in two consecutive days sick.  And then I created these back to school boards and that blew up into so much crafting! Another wedding right after school started and then hockey season.

So blog, you can see how you fell off the radar. It wasn't personal, it was life.

But I'm back and ready to share it all! If you have a bridal shower to throw- stay tuned! I've got you covered!

A wedding cake to make- yes you can do it and it can be awesome!

I'm ready to pick up and get going! The blog is getting a makeover too and I was going to wait until that was done to relaunch but it is taking forever and I just don't want to wait any more.

So welcome back. Hang onto your hat! Things are about to get creative!

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