Almost but not quite....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

So I nearly got scamed and I am very impressed that I was skeptical from the very start! Gordon and I put our lazy boy up for sale on craig's list last month and someone wanted it at full price. Great. Took forever to get the cheque and when I did it was for 4 times the amount of the chair. "Go ahead and cash it. I included my movers fees" Whatever. The cheque is destroyed and we still own the lazy boy. Oh well.

Going under the knife in 2 dyas to get my vision fixed. I'm nervous but it is a really common procedure now and I know a bunch of people that have had it done. I'm nervous but very excited that I will be able to see without putting things in my eyes or pushing my glasses up my nose! Should be an exciting day when I don't have to ask G for the time in the morning!

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  1. that really sucks. At least you guys were smart and knew better. Anymore leads on the chair???

    I'm jealous that you had lasik. One day soon I will be able to see when I get up. ;)


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