It's been awhile

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm not even sure anyone is checking or that it matters that I haven't rambled on in awhile. I've been really busy and tired and just haven't really bothered to string together the effort to update.

Our house is coming along. I think we're starting to lose a little steam...We're going to go to Kent tonight to get some of the supplies for our bathroom reno (they are having a sale). I really need to finish the curtains and hang some more pictures up. Gordon is going to do the touch up painting this weekend while we wait for our sofa to be delivered. Thank goodness that is finally coming. I had forgotten how much I preferred the IKEA sofa to the pull out. The comfy sofa is moving downstairs and so I am forced to further unpack to make room for the pull out in the little room downstairs.

Work is crazy. My boss is gone on a 3.5 week African safari and I am incredibly jealous. Although I'm not too sure that I would want to go to Africa. Europe is definitely more my speed. I guess its a good thing that I have 3 weeks to get reorganized and caught up. I have so much to do before I head to Vancouver for the Governance session! Ugh! It's a good thing that I like what I do....

I'm off to get my day started with a good jolt of caffeine....

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  1. I check it. I'm here. LOL I like reading this thing. :) Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon. I debated just up and leaving tomorrow but that wouldn't be here I am stalking your blog once again...


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