What a weekend!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

So we picked our nephews up on Friday after work and then went to Rogers to rent them a game each. Tanner picked Lego Indiana Jones and Adam picked Super Mario Smash Brothers. G now wants to buy the Lego games! It was a lot of fun I must admit. Smash Brothers not so much. It was giving me a headache.

We got up on Saturday and made the boys waffles and then we packed them up and headed to the Valley. After an incredibly nutritious lunch at the Golden Arches, we took them to the market and then we hit the orchard. I got some great pics (including my 36 week belly pic) The boys managed to find all the giant apples, which will work in my favour for baking this week and next!

Saturday night we had a good bye party for a coworker in town. That was pretty fun but I was exhausted after the day with the boys so we didn't stay long. I got up a little late on Sunday and had to bake a cake. G was dead set on getting me out of the house by noon so he was trying not to be impatient with me. I took the time that the cake was baking to do my hair and put on some make up...I never do that on Sunday regardless of where we are going but I figured if he had made the effort to plan something I could look nice for him. lol

Cake out of the oven, he promptly took my flip flops out of the closet and said "Let's go!". He took me to Cora's (a popular breakfast place here) and we got seated almost right away (unheard of on a Sunday!) Our waitress was slow and the food was taking forever. I was starting to feel dizzy because I was over heating and I was hungry. Finally our food came and it was pretty good. G still wouldn't give me any details about what was going on. After brunch (It was 1:15 by then) we went to Pete's and got some fruit and then he ran into Shoppers to get a few things. I wandered around the baby store and wanted to buy everything in sight! But I didn't. I really do need to find out if this is a boy or girl before I buy anything else!

G then declared that we had to go home and put the groceries away before we went to part 2 of his planned afternoon. So we get home and I go in with the key (desperate to pee, as usual) and I noticed that the front porch light was on. We never leave lights I yell out to G that a light was on and he tells me to go in. Here I am slowly opening the door scared to death that someone had broken into our house, yet my husband didn't seem to care about sending me in first. I got the door open a crack and noticed that my living room was full of people! My two friends Emily and Gillian had planned a surprise shower for me! My family and friends and a few of G's family were all there. I was shocked! Not so much that they threw a shower for me but more so that they actually managed to surprise me! I always figure these things

We got a bunch of stuff off our registry and a glidder rocker, some gift cards and some cash. The best gift of all came from my mom. She couldn't be there (obviously as she is in NL) but she found out about the shower and sent a gift through my aunt. I opened up the box and immediately started to cry. It was the christening gown that my mom had made from my wedding dress. She kept so many of the details I couldn't get over it. It has the rushing in the front and the buttons down the back. The collar is made from the beaded halter and she built some of that detail into the back as well. I couldn't get over how lovely it is. Of course it took me a few minutes to recover before I could say anything. Then we cut cake, had a chat and most everyone went home. Gill and Em had the men bring Graham and Claire over so that was a fun way to end it. The kids loved the balloons that were there. and had a great time running around the house with them! We got the place all cleaned up and then I decorated a cake. Went to bed a little late for a work night and now I am paying for it! Oh well. It was a great weekend....

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