Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yes I have been slack again!

My friends Emily and Gillian held a surprise baby shower for me. I was very surprised. I had no idea. Gordon got me out of the house and when we came home, my friends and family were in my living room. We got a bunch of great items that we needed and my mom sent up the Christening gown that she made from my wedding dress (above). I cried (naturally). It was so much fun!

I finished work on September 19. My BP was climbing and I was exhausted so I finally agreed with my doctor that I needed a break before baby comes. I worked late every night that week trying to get everything in order for Alison. That weekend I spent most of my time sleeping. I was soooo tired!

I spent a week and a bit cooking. I have about three weeks worth of meals in our freezer so that I won't have to bother cooking for awhile after we bring baby home.
The highlight of September was seeing Sir Elton John perform at the Metro Centre. Words can not describe how incredible the show was! Every time he played a song that we play to the Baby, Pumpkin would kick and move around. It was very cool! The next night Drew ambushed Gordon and took him out on the town for go karting and a night of drinking. It's called a Diaper party. They started it with Drew and the whole concept is that the men have to bring diapers to participate. In our case we got a gift certificate to the place where we are going to buy our cloth diapers. It was great. Gordon had a great time out.

Tomorrow we are having turkey dinner at Gordon's parent's house. His brother Stephen is in town. I'm looking forward to meeting him. Should make for an interesting dinner!
Just a few more days to go and Baby Boutilier should be here!!! We are getting so excited!!!

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  1. YAY! I'm glad you're doing so well:) Can't wait to hear about the birth of your little one (and of course to find out the sex!)


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