Our baby has arrived!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Above: Austin at 27 days old

Above: Austin at 2 days old

Above: Our new family! Day 1

Okay our baby arrived a month ago but I'm sorry there just hasn't been time to update my blog! Here is our birth story:
Tuesday, October 14- We called the hospital at 8am and were told to be there for 10am to check in. Once we arrived things moved pretty quickly and by 12:30 Gordon and I were in an operating room. I ended up needing a section because Austin was footling breech and it wasn't safe to have a natural delivery. At 1:16pm- Austn Walter Paul Oh my god! I have never experienced anything quite like it. I was convinced he was a girl and had worried that if the baby was a boy I would be disappointed. When they pulled him out and brought him around to show us and said “It’s a boy!” I immediately thought...of course you’re a boy. How could you be anything else? He proceeded to pee on G while G was taking his picture and then they whisked him off to be weight and evaluated. They handed him back to G and he held him by my head so that I could see him. I was so in awe. They asked if we had a name for him and we both said Austin at the same time. It took about 45 minutes to put me back together and then we moved to the recovery room. We were really lucky and had two great nurses before and after the surgery. We (more accurately G) started calling people from the recovery room. I sent a couple of texts but I was pretty out of it.

We finally go to move to our room and I got ill every time we moved the bed. We had to go back to the recovery room three times before we were able to make it up to the 5th floor. The first night was a little crazy. We didn’t get to our room until close to 6pm and the nurse gave Austin his first bath. He loved it. He isn’t a cryer at all. He only cries when he wants/ needs something. A few family members dropped by but it was pretty quiet in our room. G went to get some food for supper and I just sat there holding my little man. He is so gorgeous. I can’t describe the feeling other than to say it is the most awesome emotion that I have ever felt.

Our hospital room was like Grand Central Station. There were always nurses, doctors and visitors there. I didn’t get a moment of peace.
We had hoped to go home on Fri but my blood clotting number wasn’t high enough so they wanted me to stay until Saturday. Saturday came and Austin had lost even more weight. He started out at 8.13 and was down to 7.9. So while I was given to green light to go they were going to keep him. I begged and pleaded to take him home. I was so stressed and so tired that I wasn’t producing any milk and was a complete basket case. We worked out a feeding plan with his doc and agreed to give him formula to supplement him until my milk came in and it was enough to satisfy him.

We finally left the hospital at 5pm and had to go to Walmart on the way home to get my drugs and some formula for Austin. In hindsight I should have written out a list and given it to G but I wanted to pick out the formula and make sure I was comfortable with what we were feeding him. We had a complete dink for a pharmacist and we finally got out of there at 7pm.
We got home and I tried to feed Austin, had a complete melt down at G and then we all went upstairs to nap...
It seems like I've woken up from that nap and Austin is a month old. My family came up from NL for his baptism and I loved seeing them fall in love with my adorable little man. Austin is back up to birth weight and doing so well! Now if I could just get him to sleep through the night!

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