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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Season’s Greetings!

As I write this I can hardly believe that its Christmas time again already? Where did the year go? I haven't posted much because I am consumed with motherhood. My New Year's Resolution is to make time for myself and the things that I enjoy each day. I'm certainly in Mom mode these days!

2008 has been a very busy and exciting year for the Boutilier household! We finally finished renovating the home that we purchased last year. It took us just over a year to renovate the whole house. Over the summer Gordon, with the help of Garnet and a few friends, tore the basement down to the studs and rebuilt the whole thing. I must say that the room looks spectacular! They really did a great job. Looking back at pictures of the house when we bought it, it’s hard to believe that it is even the same one!

In early February, Gordon and I discovered that we were expecting our first child. We got the official blood work back on Valentine’s Day and had quite the celebration. We let a few people in on the secret (darn near killed my mother not to say anything!) and then let the cat out of the bag Easter weekend. The pregnancy was a bit trying...morning sickness turned into 24/7 sickness for 7 months, and the heartburn was a bit much, but all in all I’d do it again. On October 4, I thought that I was going into labour but then everything stopped and at my 40 week appointment we discovered that our little Pumpkin had flipped around and was footing breech (feet where the head should have been positioned). The doctors attempted to flip baby around but no such luck. They sent us home and told us to call in on October 14 to come in for a c-section. We hardly made it through the weekend! I was up at the crack of dawn that Tuesday morning (looking back I should really have slept in!) and we were on our way to the hospital at 9am.

At 1:16pm, Austin Walter Paul made his presence known to the world! I still can’t get over how much he looks like his father! Aunt Theresa and cousin Tanner were his very first visitors. Gordon is an awesome dad and takes fantastic care of both of us. The last two months have been quite a journey. Austin had lost a lot of weight in his first week but is back on track. Just the other day I looked at him and tried to figure out when his cheeks got chubby. Austin is very content and doesn’t cry too much (only when he needs something or wants attention). He likes to be up (not good when we’re trying to put him down for a nap) and is starting to give us the occasional full night of sleep.

In November the Newfoundland side of the family came to town to celebrate Nan’s 80th birthday and Austin’s baptism. Austin was baptised on November 9, 2008 and we were so happy that so many of you were able to be here for that event. It was exciting to have my parents and sister finally meet him. I’m looking forward to taking him to Newfoundland in the New Year for a visit.

Our house is finally a home and we are so grateful to everyone for all of your support over the past year. We are all set for our first Christmas in our house with our handsome boy.

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and that Santa is good to you!

Stayed tuned for the 2009 Adventures of Austin!

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