Work week #2

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Okay so I managed to survive working two days last week. Thursday I was a mess. I just missed my little man so much. It didn't help that he cried to break my heart all morning and wouldn't eat his breakfast or cooperate in getting dressed. He was cranky for Kelly too and wouldn't nap well. Friday was much better.
Saturday was Austin's birthday party (see previous post for link to pictures) and Sunday was pretty low key.

Day three of this week already and time is flying by. I have a ton of stuff to catch up on and just the nature of my job is that I am occupied pretty much 24/7 so that is a blessing. I really love getting home at the end of the day when Austin reaches his arms out for me and gives me a great big hug. I love being his mom!! He is so cute and animated....I wonder where he gets his love of chatting from?....

One thing about being at work that is nice is that I get to return emails and update my blog in a timely fashion. Lunch breaks are a nice perk!

I have been baking and I promise that I will post pictures and feedback on the receipes this weekend! 

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