Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If only time could stand still. I remember every moment of the day Austin was born. I can hardly believe that was one year ago. At 8am I called the IWK to find out what time we should be there for the planned c-section (Austin didn't want his little head to squish so he flipped feet down on my actual due date) I won't bore you with all of the details that I remember but I will tell you about the moment that I knew I had a son.

We were both so excited and nervous. I was all ready to great my little girl for I was CONVINCED I was having a girl. When the nurse brought Austin around the corner of the sheet and exclaimed "It's a boy!" I remember saying "Of course you're a boy" as Austin peed on his dad's pants. They whisked him over to be cleaned and weighted and asked us his name. Gordon and I said in unison "Austin Walter Paul". And then they placed our little boy in G's arms while they closed me back up.

Much later, after our visitors had left and Gordon and I were alone in the hospital room, I remember looking down at the baby in my arms and just feeling an overwhelming emotion. It was joy- but ten times what the ultimate of that emotion feels like. I was immediately in love with the little boy in my arms (didn't hurt that he gave me diamond I don't think that there has been one moment in the past year when I have not looked at him and felt pride and an overwhelming love.

He has grown so fast. Any day now he is going to take off walking and I know he won't look back. His little personality is really coming through. He is a little shy but has a smile for everyone. As much as wish he could stay my little baby forever I'm excited for his future. I can't wait to see what he is going to do next. Every time he looks up at me and says "Mama" or gives me a hug, I am reminded that my world has completely changed and am loving every moment of it.

Thursday I head back to work and can't imagine how I am going to get through a day without mid-morning naps and story time, mid-afternoon walks to the park or Babies First Books. Establishing a new normal will be a challenge, especially because it will mean that I won't get to be with him all day long. Stay tuned to see how that goes!


  1. And while I have never written anything quite as elegant as that, I so remember those feelings of 12 years ago.....Going back to work is a roller coaster of emotions BUT coming home every day is pure excitement!!!
    Happy Birthday to our Boys!

    Love Aunt Mary

  2. Happy Birthday Austin!! Wish we could see you more than twice a year. :)


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