Off track- H1N1

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I know, I know...I am suppose to be blogging about baking and I haven't in several weeks. I am sorry but life is happening and it is keeping me out of my kitchen (that and I tend to fall asleep in the rocking chair with my little man every night!)

Last night my little guy git the H1N1 vaccine. Now I will say that on Monday the line up was ridiculous! Tuesday we got turned away and Wednewsday we were rushed to the front of the line. He was a trooper and only cried a bit when he got the shot and then he was fine. Last night he had night terrors and it was horrible! I took him to bed in the guest room (he was taking up most of the bed and I wanted Gordon to get some sleep) and he tossed and turned and cried and whined and wouldn't wake up. I felt so helpless not being able to do anything. He was comforted a bit when I sat up and rocked him so it was a long night for me. I'm hoping that he will feel better today.

The whole H1N1 thing is completely out of control. People are jumping to conclusions, the media is circulating too many stories about it and people think they are informed but they aren't always reading facts. I'll be happy when things die down a bit and the vaccination process is open to everyone!

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