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Thursday, September 23, 2010

You know, there was a time when I would dance to that very song in the middle of the street for just some good relaxed fun (usually when a certain Follett was dropping me off from a night of gallivanting about town). Today I'm thinking about all the ways those words still apply. Seriously my head is spinning!

My new job at Dalhousie is awesome! I love having a new challenge and a new project to sink my teeth into. Actually I should say new projects! Anyway I am sorry I have been neglecting updating the Babblings but I literally have not had time to sneeze at work and I don't go near a computer at home in the evening. I promise to catch up on my emails next week!

This past Saturday was a bit of a crazy day. It was the first Saturday I have not worked in weeks and, because Austin had a cold, it was relatively free. I went to WW in the morning (down 1.2lbs thank you!), then came home to decorate a birthday cake. I was frantically trying to finish up Olivia the Pig when out of nowhere G's sister RyLee showed up! It was a nice surprise and I'm hoping that we'll get to see her a bit over this coming weekend.

Maybe it was because my life has been so hectic but I just felt like doing homey things on Saturday. I hauled out a new cooking magazine and made pumpkin mini chocolate chip mini loafs and  mini pumpkin muffins (notice a trend?). Mini muffins have two major advantages...Austin will eat a whole mini muffin but not a whole regular muffin and making them mini makes them ridiculously low points. I also replaced half the butter or oil in each recipe with unsweetened apple sauce. I used half sugar and half splenda only to learn today that half a cup of splenda for baking has 1.5 points MORE than half a cup of sugar...there is something to be said for using the real deal!

I also craved the comfort of fall soup. I roasted butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots, celery, onions and garlic in the oven (tossed with a bit of sea salt, pepper and olive oil). Then I added them to some chicken broth and coriander seeds that I warmed up on the stove. After I blended the pot of roasted goodness together I stirred in some fresh parsley. My kitchen smelled incredible and the soup just really hit the spot that night at dinner.

G and Monkey spent the day outside playing. Monkey helped his dad mow the lawn and they went for a bike ride around the neighbourhood. After his nap he helped me in the kitchen and I need to get more pictures of those moments.

Fall is here. Soon my house will be decked out with fall decor, home baked goods in the freezer and my slow cooker will get a daily workout.

Oh and if filling my "down" time with comfort projects isn't enough...we're going to NL in 13 days for a visit. I can not wait!!!!

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  1. I now have that song stuck in my head - thanks LOL. Glad you're down some weight on WW. I'm a WW dropout :(


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