Pumpkin bread, hockey helmets and puppies

Thursday, October 7, 2010

There is something about the adventure of travelling with a toddler. I just love watching Austin's eye grow as he sees plains, trains and helicopters up close. He gets that "holy crap these things are REAL!" look going on and it is beyond cute.

After some careful planning for our trip we managed to navigate the airport fairly smoothly. I had put Austin in the backpack right out of the car so he was content to watch all the activity from the safety of the Beco. I had check us in and printed off our boarding passes the day before so that was one less line that we had to wait in. We bypassed the line at security (travelling with kids in like a golden ticket to the front of the helps when the child is super cute, looks at the security guard and says"Nice to meet you police man" the guard was a woman but she thought it was beyond cute). Things got a little hairy then because we had to take him out of the Beco to go through the metal detector and he wasn't too happy about getting back in.

Once upstairs I was so excited. I had plans to get my coffee (one last Starbucks fix) before hitting the rock and then I had planned to take a bunch of pictures of my monkey watching the plans and observing the busy-ness of the airport. Well only have that plan happened. We got my coffee, got coffee for G and a cookie for Monkey. We walked down to the gate and as soon as we sat down and I reached for the camera, they called preboarding for people with children. We went through the gate and onto the plane. I regret not having taken my camera out anyway to capture the moment that he say the plane and when he got settled in his seat. He played so well during the flight and kept looking out the window and exclaiming "Wook Mama!". He was very entertaining and made the flight so enjoyable.

We spent most of yesterday afternoon sleeping (that's what we get for being up until 2:40am doing laundry and packing!) and then we were pretty low key last night. I baked pumpkin bread (only 2pts a slice!) and Austin chased Bailey (my sister's dog) around the house all the while wearing Mark's old hockey helmet and saying "Baiwee- what do you fink?" I love it!

I'm so excited that we have three more full days of enjoying my family and watching my family enjoy my boy. I can't believe that in a week he will be 2.... where did the time go?

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