My baby is TWO!!! How did this happen?!?!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I can hardly believe that at this very moment 2 years ago and was putting the last few items in my hospital bag and getting ready to go to the IWK to meet my little man. And just a year ago I was squeezing every last moment of joy out of my last day of maternity leave. Gordon and I took Austin to the park and spent the day doing the things that the little man enjoyed most, sliding, running around, tossing him up in the air and then between naps we cuddled, read his favorite books, finger painted and took him out for a quite family dinner, just the three of us.

This year I am spending his birthday at work because we are just back from a weeklong vacation and I couldn't get away for the day. I know he will be having a great time at Kelly's with his firends today and we're having a birthday supper tonight, complete with Lightning McQueen birthday cake! Monkey's big day started when he climbed into bed with us at 5:30am. G and I held him close and sang him "Happy Birthday". He looked up and sleepily said "Again!" so of course we sang again. He had a birthday candle on his waffles and a birthday button on his jacket (yes I want the world to know that today is a special day!) He is growing so fast. I try to relive the moments of his life in my head so that I don't forget one single precious second of it!

I know a few of you are expecting a slide show like the one I did last year. To be honest I am in the process of doing one but I have over 5000 pictures to go through and I am also working on another very exciting project so I wasn't able to finish it for today. I slacked off and used my time in NL to relax instead of to work on a bunch of projects! Stay tuned for good things.....

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin Andrea (a budding photographer) came with us to an apple orchard in the Valley and took a few pictures. I will have more to share tomorrow as I capture tonight's moments but in the meantime enjoy!

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