Lessons learned when G works late

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gordon has had to put in some extra hours at work recently and last night was one of those “pick Austin up- bring Austin home-eat some leftovers for supper-back to the office” kind of evenings. I hadn’t anticipated that it would be much of a educational experience to be home in the evening with Austin, but in the end it was….

Three things I learned last night:

1) DO NOT BLINK! Don’t turn your head away from a toddler for one brief moment! Austin was colouring at his table, I answered the phone and was speaking to my sister in law when I turned my head back and my beige (almost white) chair was covered in magenta crayon!!! Austin was quite proud of his mater piece…Mommy was in shock. Naturally I was too shocked to give him a time out, and besides he just laughs at me when I try to be stern and runs around the main floor until I give up on trying to catch him anyway….
2) Spot Shot carpet cleaner takes magenta crayon out of beige (almost white) fabric…. (and its biodegradable cleaning solution- win/win)

3) The dishwasher repair man is my new best friend- the sad thing is that G almost had the dishwasher fixed a couple of weeks ago…all he had to do was unclog the pipe that connects to the faucet…oh well.. $69 dollars later I awoke to clean dishes and tonight I will finish the ones still in the sink (by putting them in the dishwasher of course!) Not really sure where my loathing of washing dishes came from, I certainly have no issues making dirty dishes but I would rather scrub floors than wash a dish…

Tonight I will be flying solo again and I have a small mountain of laundry and diapers to wash. I’m putting extra paper out on his play table and hoping that the Monkey doesn’t anything he shouldn’t.

I don’t have those eyes in the back of my head yet that every mother supposedly has…..any idea what I need to so to get those to come in?!

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