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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I haven’t been blogging lately. So much going on and by the time I put the monkey to bed I’m wiped! I need to write though. Someone asked me today if they could give someone an update on me and my family. I told them fine but they had to share the following: We’re fine. Austin is an amazing kid and that I am blessed to be me. I am happy and feel blessed to be me and to be living my life. I’m lucky and I know that. I try not to take anything for granted and am I thankful for what I have and for the people in my life.

And I am.

I have an amazing husband who loves me no matter what. I have an incredible little boy who lights up a room with his personality and is so smart it makes me wonder where his brains come from (“be just like Aunt Janice!”). My family is fantastic, supporting and a great source of strength. My friends (old and new) are incredible and “get” me. I don’t need to try to fit in or be someone else. I am just me and they accept that.

I am lucky and as people on Facebook are doing the 30 days of Thanks leading up to American Thanksgiving, I don’t think it is inappropriate for me to blog about it.

Don’t get me wrong, life is by no means perfect. We all have our ups and downs, our grays and our colours. I try to see the colour because the colour is what brings us happiness while the gray reminds us not to take the colour for granted and to appreciate the colour. And when a moment of gray comes, take comfort that colour will come too and draw strength and learn the lesson that the gray is there to teach you.

(J…want me to write that philosophy paper for you?…I seem to be on a roll!)


  1. I think you're amazing. For all you do, for who you are, and for what you are to me. How's that for a sentimental moment? I love you, Cousin!!


  2. now you offer.... thanks
    its friggin done now. what good are you to me?! haha
    just kiddingggg
    love ya : )


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