Baby Steeves

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So I have this cousin who I am pretty close too. I'm blessed that Laura has become such a good friend over the past 10 years. We spent a lot of time together growing up and there was this crazy rumor that I pushed her out of a shopping cart when we were little..I want to clarify that we were BOTH looking at the birds and the cart tipped. I didn't push her!

It wasn't until we both found ourselves in Halifax going to school that we became more than cousins. Laura is a treasured friend and is also Amelia's Godmother. Pretty soon Laura and Dan are going to have their own little bundle of joy (as in the next few days). Back in August we had a baby shower for Laura. It took place on the same day as my Pop's funeral (it had been planned for awhile and we would have been very upset had they cancelled it). It was a true circle of life moment. Death and new life all in one day.

Here are a few shots that I took. Laura looked fabulous and a good time was had by all.

Mackenzie and cousin Amelia

Mama to be and Ricki - BFFs since WAY back in the day

Who has time to carve fruit like this?....I wonder if I could make Santa's sleigh...

Getting some much needed baby loot

Laura and Dan are going to be amazing parents. They are so wonderful to our kids and we're honoured that they agreed to be Amelia's Godparents. Baby Steeves is in for one wild and crazy adventure. And for that matter so are Laura and Dan.

Love you both and cannot wait to meet your little.

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