Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We rang in the New Year with a great group of friends. Everyone had a great time! Conversation was rich, drinks were flowing and the children  made it past midnight with no meltdowns. I've never seen anything like it. Once the clock struck 12 "Glittergate 2012" took place!

Glitter in her hair!

Glitter, glitter everywhere!

As 12am struck, fistfuls of glitter went everywhere, covering Kelly's house, every one's hair, clothes and, my personal favorite, little baby toes. It was so much fun. The girls kept scooping it back up off the floor and celebrating the moment all over again. It was a great memory and I'm sure 3.5 Dyson canisters of glitter later, Kelly would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Austin takes after his Daddy for sure. As the girls continued to play with the glitter, Austin was using a horse's mane to try to sweep it up. All he did was push it around but he thought he was helping.

Little Mark partied too hard and didn't make it to the glitter  but I think this picture is probably an accurate reflection of his New Year's to come!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for reading this blog and for being interested in what I have to say, share and bake!

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