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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm back to work full time and my writing has suffered. I feel guilty that I don't take the time to sit and write and share our lives these days. It's summer and I am desperately trying to spend as much time with my littles as possible in the evening and weekends and once they are safely tucked in bed, I sit and sew my creations to fill the orders as timely as I can.

The summer days are flying by. It's been hot and we've had wonderful adventures.
Enjoying showers and rainbows at Bedford Days

Saturday mornings at the market

a trip to the Fire Station down the street
We're gearing up for our first mini vacation in just a few days. We're heading to PEI to enjoy beaches, golf (for the men) and good friends. I'm thankful that we still have time to enjoy the summer and while the days are anything but lazy they are filled with love, laughter and memories!

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