Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When I graduated from MSVU, I was deliriously in love with my very handsome boyfriend and decided that I would keep my place in Halifax and look for a job in the city. I wasn't sure where my relationship with said boyfriend was going but I was happy and wanted to stay that way.

Fast forward 2 months and I was working for Marine Atlantic and spending one week off in Halifax and one week off in Corner Brook. It was hard and I didn't really like dividing my time. Then boyfriend got down on one knee and tried to be all poetic telling me about love and life, and I was blinded by the diamond ring that the sun was making about 5 times brighter than it looks in the shade. After several "Oh my God"s and a few "Really?"s I gasped out a yes and thus began my love/hate relationship with the word Home.

I love my husband and don't regret moving to the mainland to be with him. I have a good job, great friends, a nice house and a large selection of activities and destinations to keep us busy. But sometimes, a lot of times since Amelia arrived, I really miss home. It was hard not being able to have my family be present on a daily basis for my kids and for me. Don't get me wrong, Skype is wonderful and this blog and Facebook have kept everyone up to date, but it isn't the same as being there.
I would love nothing more than to be able to call my family and get together for impromptu gatherings at a moments notice. 8 days and we will get two glorious weeks with Nanny and Poppy and not long after Aunt Janice and Jordan will join the mix. Thanks to Ashley's boyfriend getting down on one knee we'll get some over the top family time and I cannot wait!

Home is where your family is...

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! We too are going home (to Scotland) for a whole month, in 2 weeks time and I could not be more excited! The grandparents will spoil the kids, and we will get much needed time with our siblings.
    Enjoy your trip home :-)


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