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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today is a very sad day for the Halifax community. Personally I would extend that and say for the Canadian community. We have lost a true philanthropic hero with the passing of Ruth Goldbloom.

Picture from the IWK Foundation Telethon 2010..I love this lady's smile!

I met Ruth back in 2004 and I was instantly drawn into her charasmatic personality. She had a smile that lit up the room and immediately welcomed you in. Even if she didn't know you, you would always feel like you had an immediate friend when you were around her. My interaction with her was brief during Telethon, but I was left with a deep impression of her passion for the IWK and for the people who were part of that community.

When I returned to the IWK Foundation a few years later, I had the great privilege to get to know Ruth and her husband Dr. Richard Goldbloom much better. Through coordinating meetings with Richard and Pier 21 business with Ruth, I felt an instant fondness for these two individuals who clearly loved each other, their family and friends, their community and were passionate advocates for charities and causes that made the world a better place to be.

Ruth quickly knew my name and greeted me with a smile, warm hand shake and the occasional hug when our paths would cross. I spoke with her on the phone very often and she would always ask about my life, my family and about my work with Robbie Shaw. I felt that I was important to her and that I mattered to her. Clearly it is this warmth, charm and love that drew people to Ruth. She picked a cause and devoted herself to it and was successful in increasing awareness about many an issue. Ruth was one of, if not the most, successful fundraisers in our community. But first and foremost she was a wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

I was at work today when I received the news. My heart immediately ached for her family and friends. Ruth and Richard were an incredible example of love and devotion. She and Richard were true friends to those in their close knit circle and would do anything for anyone. Oddly enough, I now work at Dal were Ruth and Richard are both former Chancellors. Both the IWK and Dalhousie Communities will deeply feel this loss.

Ruth, thank you for your shinning example of being a leader with a kind heart. You have touched so many of us in ways you do not even know. I have learned a great deal from you and your wonderful family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and those who are left behind. This world is a better place because you had a vision that it could be. I can only hope that we are able to do your legacy the justice that it deserves.

Please consider making a donation to one of her beloved charities in her memory:

Pier 21 Society

IWK Health Centre Foundation

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