Time to let go

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I admit that I blinked and the whole summer was gone. I tried to make sure that we got plenty of family time in and that we went on the appropriate number of beach trips but it wasn't enough.

I am not ready for Fall. In a desperate attempt to hold onto summer, Saturday night I invited a few friends over for a campfire thinking that the glow of a fire, warmth of friends and to goodness of a s'more or two would keep the inevitable from happening. Instead of a warm night and a long smoldering campfire, we got eaten alive by mosquitoes, roasted a few marshmallows so that the kids were momentarily distracted from pleading to play Mariokart Double Dash and at 8:04pm it began to rain (and I am very publicly admitting that Jeff was was going to rain at 8pm... I told him he was crazy).

So this morning, after a night of downpours, thunder and lightning, I gave it up and decided to embrace fall. I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast (so delish and only 2wwpp each) packed the kids up and headed to the corn maze at the Masstown Market. What a great time! They had play structures, bouncy obstacle courses and a bouncy pillow that were all adult friendly so we got to actually bounce along with the kids. I think the Dads had a bit more fun with the pillow than the kids did!

The corn maze was a hoot and the kids ran through the paths looking for letters and punching their cards. I was amazed we didn't really get lost but we did have a Navy man and a transportation expert leading the way.

And then we played for another bit before heading over to the market. I got a whole weeks worth of produce (and then some) for under $60! I have our menu plan done and tomorrow night will be cooking time. Lots of fall veggies and fruit this week.

So as much as I hate for summer to be over, I guess Fall isn't such a bad thing...Next weekend we plan on going apple picking and out for a cruise on Theodore tugboat while the weather is still decent. I did come home and move all the summer clothes out into the bottom drawers for next year (yes I buy seasonal clothes a little big for one year and they are the perfect fit the to make the most of my resources!) and made sure the fall clothes was in easy reach. Maybe the change of season will be good for us....I guess I'll have to let go of summer to find out.

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