Sunday, October 14, 2012

I can still remember every moment of the day he was born. From the early morning call to the hospital to find out if they could take us, to the four attempts to move me from the recovery room up to the 5th floor. The most important thing I remember is the moment I changed. The moment they place my swaddled bundle next to my head and I breathed him in, the moment I became a mother.

I get to be mom to my crazy, smart, amazing little guy and his fourth birthday was something to celebrate! He wanted a Mario party even though I had been Pinning and planning a superhero party and so Mario was what he got! I started looking through Pinterest for ideas and found some awesome inspiration and some great printables. I took a day off work to get things done and with the help of Gordon and Shelley, we pulled it off. Austin was thrilled and told me that he loved it...and that is why I do the crazy birthday party thing....

We had Mario inspired cookies:

Snickerdoodles (hand shaped into the Toad)

Stars and Yoshi eggs are sugar cookies decorated with royal icing

Printables for the cupcakes, juice boxes and water bottles can be found here

Gordon made three Mario `Karts` out of boxes and set up a course in the back yard. The kids took turns with the karts but that didn`t stop them from all running at the same time! They each got a mushroom coin purse and won gold coins every time they raced.


Then while the parents warmed up with coffee and devoured the nacho dip, the kids ate cupcakes and opened gifts.

Any day that involves my boy looking that happy is a day that is worthwhile.

Happy Birthday Austin Walter Paul!!


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