The Pumpkin patch

Monday, October 15, 2012

I don`t like to be cold and even when fall moves in and the chill comes with it, I put off turning on the heat for as long as humanly possible. Somehow turning the dial on the thermostat is almost like admitting that winter is coming and that I am completely unprepared for the snow. This past Saturday morning I had to turn the dial...and let me tell you I could just hear the money burning in my furnace! (The price of oil these days is a bit nuts.)

The good thing about the crisp air is that it mean the holiday season drought is over and it is time to get festive. Just a week ago we celebrated Thanksgiving and we pulled out the sweaters and shoes that cover our toes and made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

We had a great time at Dill`s Pumpkin Patch and we came home and broke out Ghoasty (the inflatable ghost that Austin named two years ago) and decorated the front steps with our pumpkin haul. Austin had wanted to bring home the 883lb pumpkin but, unfortunately, it wouldn`t fit in the car. I think it would have made the perfect fall decoration for the front yard...I could have used it to cover my poor neglected garden!

Thanks to our trip to Windsor, I was in the mood to decorate for fall so our front entry way now looks like this:

and I`m working on something for the basement.
I may dread flicking that dial, but it does bring good if only I can figure out how to bring home that massive pumpkin...

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