Preschool Graduation

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And just like that my boy is all grown up.

I won't lie, when they played the graduation march and Austin and Izaac came out holding hands leading their classmates into the room I teared up.I thought I was capturing the whole thing on video... turns out I didn't. So I have the imagine om my mind and I can't share it with you. Trust me, it was adorable!  It's hard to believe he is ready to go to Kindergarten (or Primary as they call it here on the mainland )

Austin has been attending the preschool program through HRM Recreation and I cannot say enough good things about his teachers and how special they make each and every day for these kids. Pat, Sandra and Lana have been teaching Austin for two years. They have helped him learn to write, read, do math and have directed his enthusiasm into creative projects. They have helped him adjust to life as a big brother and taught him so many wonderful things about life and how much fun learning can be. I don't know who will miss the ladies more Austin or me!!

Proudly accepting his diploma

Thanks Pat, Sandra and Lana! You've made a huge impact on our little family.

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