The Jingle Dress

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I love Christmas fabric. Usually I can barely decide which fabric to use when I'm designing my holiday dresses. This year I wasn't having much luck finding a stand out fabric when I walked into the local fabric store and saw this gorgeous Ann Kelle fabric on the shelf. I couldn't resist the little birds in their Santa hats!

I love the fit of this dress. Amelia is very comfortable and loves to wear it. I love the elastic at the waist, neck and sleeves that give this dress a great fit.

took awhile for our model to warm up to the camera

I love me some polka dots too!
Everything about the dress just screams fun to me. And that is what the holidays are about, fun and family. This dress wears and washes well. I love that I can thrown leggings and a long sleeve shirt under this and she can wear it over and over. Dresses are fun and all but they have to be able to be worn for more than for pictures, church and the holiday dinner.

The little red shabbie comes off the sash and can be used as a hair clip too. Do you love the hair band? I do! Shelley created it and I just love the bling. I'm so thankful for my very talented cousin and friend Andrea for taking these shots. We had a reluctant model and I was sure there might have only been one good shot in the bunch. I'm not exactly sure how she managed to capture all of these.

Seriously...this girl kills me!

The dress is now available on our Facebook page and I'll be listing it in the Etsy shop soon. I'm so exciting to share this adorable dress with you!

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