Christmas snow

Saturday, December 28, 2013

It was a white Christmas afterall!

I wasn't so sure it would happen. We had snow and then rain and then snow and then rain. Typical Halifax weather but then the weather started to settle nicely in place. Christmas Eve it was mild but not too warm and Christmas morning there was a Christmas snow falling.

Ozzy sprinkled the magic reindeer food and left the carrots on the lawn. I just loved watching his excitement.

Zoe is loving running in the backyard! I have never seen a dog love the snow so much. We spent some time playing in the snow with Nanny and Aunt Janice.

Oz is wearing his new monkey hat from Blue Frog Creations. One of the many locally made gifts that were under our tree this year.

I hate being cold and I don't usually like the snow, but snow at Christmas just feels right. The kids are loving it and I'm thinking we'll be in for a sliding adventure before the weekend is out :)

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