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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh Hermie,
How I’ve missed you…well not really me but the kids sure did miss you.  Ozzy asked about you just last week when we had our first snowfall.  Because snow means Santa is coming and if Santa is coming that means Hermie is coming. Miss A was a little oblivious to you last year, maybe this year she’ll catch on.
Hours have been spent pouring over Pinterest to get ideas from other people who have far more creative ideas than my own (and mommas lets face it any excuse I can get to spend a bit of time on Pinterest I take!) and in the end it will all come down to what will make my kids smile. That is the whole spirit of the Elf on a Shelf, at least that is how I see it.

But in trying to recreate some of those Pinterest things Hermie got dirty… I was trying to get him to hang from the light fixture in the dining room and I poked my finger with a sewing needle (what? You mean you don’t try to stitch your elf in place?) -  I should say I JABBED my finger with the needle (apparently I had a few aggression issues with the elf last night) –but I digress… I dropped the elf right in a sticky something that was left on my table. So up to the bathroom I went trying separately to un-stickify Hermie.

Might as well let him have some fun in the bathroom! I wish I had a doll house tub to put him in but I don’t so I grabbed a bowl and filled it with bath salts and stuffed Hermie in.  I thought the kids might get a kick out of that one. I took a couple of baby face clothes out of the closet and wrapped one around Hermie’s hat and put the other next to his “tub” (empty wipes container) hanging from a toothbrush (another great use for that item in case you have any Hermie sized people in your home!)

The kids thought it was hilarious! Miss A was too cute declaring “Oh Hermie…what you do tomarrow?”

See that nice stack of soap next to Hermie? Those are from the Laughing Pear Soap Company and are one of the prizes in the Countdown to Christmas Giveaway. Her coffee soap was one of my favorite things from the Forum (too bad I wasn’t Oprah…”YOU get a bar of soap, YOU get a bar of soap and YOU get a bar of soap”) and I’ve ordered more for myself and to give as Christmas gifts. Did you enter the Giveaway Yet? Maybe I will get to say that “YOU GET A BAR OF SOAP!”

And those bath salts that Hermie is soaking in? They are from Simply Gorgeous. She is offering up a gift pack to one luck ready! Hermie now smells all nice and fresh :)

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