Birthday Party Prep

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bunting and hay bales and ponies OH MY!

Only a few weeks until my sweet girl turns 3 and she has asked for a Jessie and Bullseye party...otherwise known as a cowgirl party. I'm looking into a special treat that would officially earn me the title of craziest momma but it would be worth it. And for the record...crazy idea was planted in my head by someone else :)

I've started making the bunting with some western fabrics I had in stock and I've been searching for western party ideas. It's going to be a small party and but I still want it to be memorable. Birthdays are a cause for celebration! And I want our kids to have great memories. When I was 2-3 years old Mom made me this clown cake with a ginormous sucker on it. I loved that cake and I think I had it a few years in a row. And I still remember it...

Speaking of cake...
Is that not awesome?! That is what she wants...who can find me the figures on top? I love the Hostess with the Mostess blog and have been inspired by her Jessie party. Check out her blog. It is awesome.

So for the next couple of weeks decor will be made, cookies will be baked and her cake decorated. Pinterest is once again my friend and so is the crazy creative mind of my friend Nadja of Little Lemonade Stand and Midnight Designs.

I love birthday parties :)


  1. This looks like them....

    1. Thanks Lisa! Now to track them down...sold out online...Want to hit up Target with me this weekend?

    2. Bedford, Dartmouth, Bayers Lake and Halifax have them. I don't think I'll be heading out anywhere this weekend.


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