Breast Cancer Badass

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When I participated in Bust A Move back in March, I had the privilege of being on the same team as Patsy MacDonald. Patsy so generously shared her spirit and encouragement throughout the day. Her energy was amazing! She pushed herself hard and if you had never been told her story there was no way anyone would ever guess that she was diagnosed with breast cancer just 3 years ago and is now in remission.

Patsy doesn't like to think of herself as a survivor. She prefers the term "Breast Cancer Badass". And it fits. She has such spunk, who could she be anything but a badass?  If you spent even just 5 minutes with Patsy, it would be very clear that she is not one to allow anything to take control over her spirit and that badass is a much more appropriate title.

Patsy has created a video to show how she took back her body. She opens herself up for all to see and in doing so shares a message that while breast cancer can alter how a woman views her body, there is a way to love your body and it may not look like what even YOU expect it to. Patsy has done something to inspire others and s but she wants to help other women and give back to some of the organizations that helped her and countless others.  Patsy is raising money for the IWK and for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. And she like everything she tackles she's given her self an ambitious goal. She wants to raise $100,000 in just 60 days.

Donate to help a cause that affects us, our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Watch her story and I guarantee you will want to help and spread the word.

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