Focus 35: Weekly Update 09'12'14

Friday, September 12, 2014

This week was a challenge. I didn't get my workouts in until 10 pm most nights...but I did get them done.

I need to do my measurements but I'm down 2lbs! Total of 12lbs gone since July. I also gained that 12lbs between April and end of June so I'm more or less back at my starting point from October last year.

I am loving the T25 workouts! I know I've said that before but I really do love it. I am still working hard to make the time in my day to work out. It's so easy to skip a workout but I have to admit I am not so easy to convince myself that its okay to miss one and I look forward to my workout time.

3 Weeks of Alpha left before I move onto Beta. I'm definitely feeling stronger.

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