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Friday, November 21, 2014

It has been a shitty week. (Sorry but sometimes a girl just has to say it like it is!)

A dear friend had a very tragic life event and my heart is broken for her. It was a blessing to be able to be there for her like she's been her and her family but it doesn't change that it sucks and is sad and is not going to be okay for a long time.

Holiday stress is setting in and I'm desperately trying to get organized. I have committed to having a local Christmas as much as humanly possible. I am making the majority of our gifts and what I need to buy I will be getting at local stores and from local mompreneurs. There are only a couple of things on the list that need to come from a box store to get the best price...but I digress... G has been working crazy hours and I have just been feeling completely drained and overwhelmed. I decided that I NEED to get some me time in the schedule before I go crazy.

After supper I changed into my workout gear and G took the kids up to the tub. I had to drown out their protests and tantrums and efforts to get my attention by cranking Shaun T on max...I'm sure everyone walking by our house heard all about how 25 minutes a day can change your life.  Checked that off the list and went up to help put the kids to bed.

I felt good and I decided that I wanted to feel better. So I did my nails and this morning I wore a few of my favorite things. It's amazing what a few simple things or taking a few minutes to stretch in the morning can change a whole day.

1. lia sophia Pippa earnings and Taffeta necklace (Buy 1 get 2 at 50% off is on until Sunday, November 23!) I love how this works with jeans and with business wear.

2. OPI Affair in Red Square. The BEST red nail polish. I love it and sometimes a girl just needs shinny red nails :) You can get this colour wherever you buy OPI locally. Mine came from Chatters.

3. Stella & Dot Elephant Scarf- I am in love with this and pink and the covered in cute elephants- what is there not to love?

4. Adore me- I am so over the old, tired nursing bras...yes its been awhile since I've updated that drawer of my dresser! A friend recommended Adoreme and I really like the designs. I don't have time to go to the store for me and I got amazing deals! 1st order was 50% off plus free shipping and then a second deal came in with a $10 credit off my VIP price + free shipping. LOVE!

5. Stella and Dot tech wallet- This wallet fits my phone, cash and cards and has a wristlet that my keys clip to. I love the pattern and this one is on sale right now too. It also is great for switching purses and not forgetting the essentials!

I am heading into the weekend hoping to keep a positive attitude. G and I will be making a few changes around the house to help support my determination to live a healthier lifestyle. Stay tuned! Big changes are coming in our house and the ride should be interesting.

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