It's craft fair season - and I'm missing out

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A2 Designs is still on a break. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make to take a break. But I couldn't keep up with my late father in law's illness and death and trying to get through the summer. I thought that I would start up again in the Fall and be back in full swing in time for the Holiday Fairs. I miss my crafting mommas and the time that I used to have hanging out with them at fairs. I have been inspired and encouraged by them and love how we laugh, come up with ideas and have a great time at the events. What I don't miss are the endless hours of sewing, seam ripping, guessing what will be popular, trying to stock the right fabrics. 


Photo credit: Shannon Shields

All the stress and very late prep nights slowly took away my desire to sew for fun. I took a break and just focused on fun sewing. I've created quilts, pjs, dresses and fun little things. I'm making a dent in my fabric stash and enjoying creating something from scratch.

Don't get me wrong, I love sewing for others and I love seeing my designs and creations being enjoyed by others. What I didn't love was the overhead that came with fair prep and having to justify why a handmade dress made with high quality premium fabric was worth $50. One too many requests for a discount or a deal from the lady who's child had on a $45 Gymboree sweater that she just had to have for her as soon as it came to the store (thanks for telling me you paid full price even though it was made in a factory- seriously cute though right? *le sigh*).

It's difficult to see other markets that crafters have huge success with a similar item at a higher price point and are able to justify the time and effort it takes to make each and every creation.

I think this is a very well written article about pricing of handmade goods. (Thanks to Sarah Dhooge for sharing this with the Momma Collective Community)

Paying for handmade a gentle rant

I am thrilled for the mommas that are able to make it work, and love that I still get to work with some of those amazing ladies on products that their customers love (FYI- Home Grown Goods will soon be fully stocked with chalk mats again- and Frozen will be in the mix!).

I will still go to the fairs and support these incredible women and I remain committed to having a local Christmas for all of the gifts that our family gives others. I will still feature my favorite local holiday ideas and showcase these talented entrepreneurs. That's my way of doing my part for this community that has given me so much.

Source: Cherpeace

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