Homemade Holidays- The Wrap Up

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sewing like a mad woman, I completed the majority of the gifts the week before Christmas. I was still sewing up a couple of pieces Christmas Eve and I abandoned 2 Christmas quilts that I just didn't have the time or energy to finish. I do have the fabric for the borders cut and once I sew those on the quilt tops will be finished. A couple of outfits for Baby Stella also got put on hold. Christmas was going to come whither Baby Stella had new clothes or not, so I decided not to feel bad about it and to feel good about all the gifts I did get made.

Here is what I made:

*12 Pairs of pj pants (Heidi and Finn All you need Jammies Pattern)
*10 trays of Cinnamon Rolls (Pioneer Woman you never lead me astray)
*8 Make Up bags (No Guts Boxy Pouch Free PDF pattern from So Chick)
*6 personalized pillow cases (Thanks to my incredibly talented friend Nadja for the embroidery)
*2 Pocket pillow covers
*1 batch Peanut Butter Balls
*1 Nightgown
*1 Hockey Nan blanket
*1 Herringbone Quilt (Fabric from Ella's Cottage based out of PEI)

I loved the quilt (and coincidentally so did my parents!). I top stitched the quilt top along the white herringbone sections and then did a simple straight line quilting down each column and around the outer borders. The 2 pillow covers went with the quilt. I love how comfy cozy it is and I can't wait to visit my parents to take a turn curled up with it!

The pj pants were a big hit. The cousins got matching hockey pj pants and then a few pairs for other kids were made in fabric that matched personalities and favorite things at the moment.

Boxy Bags were stuffed full of goodies before being sent off to their intended. We played on the "MistleTOES" for these gifts. I added a very special iphone case to my sisters but it didn't fit! So I'm on the lookout for another place to make one for her. The kids were so excited to have selected pictures and even told me what to have printed on it. Anyone know a great supplier where I can attempt to remark this for a reasonable price?


1) Start sewing earlier and build a gift stash. It never hurts to have a few boxy bags, hand warmers and eye pillows on hand for last minute gifts.

2) Start sewing earlier

3) Start sewing earlier

I really enjoyed making gifts for people. I went slightly over budget on supplies BUT I think I would have spent more had I purchased something from the stores. All but 3 meters of fabric come from local sources (Frozen fabric is a hot commodity!). When I did buy gifts, I tried to select items from local artisans and mompreneurs to support local as much as possible. One of my favorite artisan purchased gifts is this Breastfeeding Mummer made by Danielle Designs in Newfoundland.

A portion of proceeds benefited the La Leche League in St. John's. My boss is a huge advocate and is involved with National initiatives for supportive practice. Needless to say this is right up her alley and she loved it! (She is also from Newfoundland- across the street from my grandparents! Small world).

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  1. Congrats... I made my Christmas gifts this year too... and was still applying labels to soap and muscle salves on Christmas eve... couldn't agree more with the START EARLIER advice :)


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