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Monday, January 19, 2015

I really hope the weather is nicer wherever you are reading this than it is here where I wrote it! It is a blah, gray day AND a Monday. That has to be the worst combination of weather/weekday there is.

While I haven't been sewing for my business recently, I have been sewing for gifts.

I was so thrilled when our friends welcomed their little boy this past summer. Shaun and Julie are two of the most kind and laid back people I have ever met. They are both incredible photographers (Check his daddy's work out HERE) and I instantly knew I wanted to make Little D a camera onesie with funky fabric and a vintage flare. I loved how it turned out but had forgotten to take a picture of it when it was completed. Just yesterday afternoon his mom posted this:

Credit: Julie Marshall

This little guy has some incredible giggles. My day is better already just from sharing this little guy's smile and stylin' onesie with you.  For this onesie I traced a vintage camera clip art and then cut the fabric. I was out of heat bond so I used a spray adhesive for sewing to keep each layer in place while I stitched around it. I probably could have made the camera smaller but I was really happy with it and, from the smile on that face, I think he is too!

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