Valentine's Day Countdown

Thursday, February 5, 2015

We got our craft on this weekend!

Austin and I had a mommy/son date Saturday afternoon. We hit up Target's Dollar Spot and got a few things to make a Countdown to Kisses calendar. Normally we tape some kisses to cardstock and call it a day. This year I wanted to make something a little more crafty and tidy :)

Here are the supplies:

1 bag of Hershey Kisses
Metallic Sharpies
3 pks Heart containers ($1 for 6)
Valentines ribbon (2yrds for $1)
glue stick
tissue paper
Stiff cardboard for the backing (I used the back of a Fridge calendar that we just finished up.)

Cover the cardboard with glue and apply the tissue paper. (This tissue paper is pretty thick and I'm going to need to buy out all of Target's stock before they close )

Attach ribbon, stickers, glitter- whatever you want. Number the containers with the sharpies.

Fill the hearts with kisses. I used 2 kisses per heart (and both of them are the same colour because fighting over who gets what colour is kinda counter productive when you are counting down to a day that celebrates love).

Arrange the hearts on the backing until you are happy with how they look. Then have your lovely assistant slather the back of each heart with glue and stick it in place.

(Those little chocolate lips are a dead giveaway that someone was sneaking the kisses...)

Print a pretty header, attach it and Voila!

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