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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fine George!

Life is interesting isn't it? A person can work their ass off thikning that hard work= rewards and that doesn't always happen. People can do everything humanly possible and bad things will still happen. The hardest part is that their isn't always someone to blame. Maybe that isn't the hard part, no the hard past is ACCEPTING that their is no one to blame. Blame obsolves people of their responsibility and allows the to direct their anger somewhere.

The winter blahs gave way to a pick me up this week. My friend was in from NL for work so we got to spend some time together. G calls us carbon copies even though I think we are very different. It was great fun and put me in a good mood. It makes me sad that so many of my closets friend live away.

humm...I think I'm having a pity party.

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