Clearing out the shrubs

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So I'm a movie star...we'll at least I'm a Telethon star...I'm being used for my bump in a donor recognition peice. We taped it yesterday and it went really well and the best part was that I got to leave work a few minutes early. Good thing because traffic was horrendous. The Canada USA hockey game took place here in town last night, which made getting out of town a nightmare. Great game, we couldn't get tickets but saw most of the game at home.

Finally got home and got to work on our front yard. We were getting some pretty dirty looks from people walking by who must have known the former owner. We had to rip out the front flower bed because it was up over the siding and causing issues in the basement and I'm sorry but I very strongly disliked the massive bush that was taking over the flower bed in the middle of the lawn. Hopefully I can get the beds put back in place by Friday and I can plant some flowers this weekend. I think it will look a lot better when we're done...and besides it’s our house now. I shouldn't feel like I have to keep things the same just so the neighbours will like us.

I guess taht should lead me to a deeper inside look of why I actually care what the neighbours think but my brain is simply too tired.

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