Monday, May 5, 2008

What a great weekend! Janice was in town and I got to visit with her quite a bit. I got to see her band play (Gold Standard, Best Overall Band!!!) and I was so proud of my little bassoon (sp?) player!!

I feel so guilty that I have missed so much of her life because I chose to move away to go to school. I treasure the time we do get to have together. Saturday we went shopping and then J and Sarah came out to the house for a visit with G. We played a bit of Wii and then I had to get them back. Sunday was a little empty because I was getting used to seeing my girl every day. Oh well...three weeks and I will be home for a weekend. I can't wait.

Gordon has been working really hard on the basement renovation. The basement has been totally gutted and now, hopefully, it will start to be put back together. It's going to be such an improvement! We'll also keep more heat in this coming winter as the basement will be much more air tight and have better insulation.

And now back to work...

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Not much time now until you are home in NL for a bit.

    I want to see progression pics of this basement reno! ;)

    We'll have to schedule a Mario Kart race sometime soon before our tv gets packed up.


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