Chocolate Chip Burntcakes

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Austin and I have been to NL again. It was so great to see all of Dad's family. Everyone was there except for 3 grandchildren so that made all the brothers and sisters +significant others, 15 of 18 grandchildren + some of the significant others and 3 great grandchildren all celebrating Nan Coleman's 80th birthday. It was so much fun. Austin and my cousin Scott's little guy Ethan got along famously and spent most of their time together playing trucks. One thing I will never understand is how Austin knew what sound to make when he was pushing Ethan's trucks around. I don't play trucks with him but somehow he knew to push the truck along and make a "vroom" noise. It is very cute!

Wednesday I decided to bake some banana bread for Austin. Everything needs to be finger foods these days so I figured that was something he would eat (Everything else get flung to the walls or sprayed back out at me). Well wouldn't you know I managed to over bake the bread. It wasn't burnt but it was close. So I don't know what posses me to get back on the Martha Cupcake train that obviously was a bad baking day but I couldn't heed the warning! Open up the book and decide on Chocolate Chip Cupcakes (p.22) The recipe is really easy to follow, I added an extra egg white (didn't want to waste the last one in the carton) and used mini chocolate chips instead of grown up ones. It says that the batter makes 30 cupcakes but I only got 24. I put them in the oven and brought Austin downstairs to play. I checked at 15 minutes but they weren't done and then checked again at 20 minutes, still not done. Austin picked that moment to "doo" his business so I had to wrestle a new Fuzzy Bum onto his bottom (diaper changing really is an Olympic sport these days) and momentarily forgot about the cupcakes. When I was finished I suddenly remembered and raced down to the kitchen. The cupcakes were done alright! I would say only about half had crispy bottoms but that is too many for my liking. I decided that they were sweet enough and sent them to G's work without the dark chocolate frosting (that and no way was I going to defy the baking gods for a third time that day to melt chocolate). His colleagues aren't too picky because they loved them.

Oh and in case you are wondering, They are 4 weight watcher points each without the frosting...Ironic isn't it? The cake lady is counting points...oh well maybe Martha and her peeps can team up with WW on a baking cookbook...just because you are counting points doesn't mean you should never have a decent baked good. Life is too short people!

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