Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm writing this blog from my new office. I have two windows and a door. A door may not seem like a big deal to most but when you live in cubicle hell (a well designed, warm and comfortable cubical hell but still), a door is a very, VERY, big deal.

Wednesday was a hard day for me. I attended meetings and went out to lunch with my coworkers. After returning from lunch , I clued a few things up and wrote a status report. I feel good that I was able to complete almost every task that I had and that I didn't leave behind a huge pile for my replacement. The last thing I wanted was for someone to arrive and be buried by the oodles of paper that I am know to have hanging around. I looked at my empty walls and empty desk and started to cry. What am I getting myself into? I really did love my job and I enjoyed going to work and socializing with everyone but I know that I needed more.

Saying goodbye to Gena, Oneta and Robbie was not fun. I know I am going to see them and that I can call them for guidance when I need it but it didn't make it any easier. They have been my mentors and have taught me so much.

Wednesday night I was a bit nervous (okay a lot nervous). I honestly felt like I did every year before my first day of school. I barely slept thanks to a case of the hives that I have recently developed from an allergic reaction. Thursday morning I took too Benedryl (can you see where this is going to go???) and headed out the. The woozies set in just as we pulled into Natalie's road and I slept most of the way into the city. Not a great idea on the drugs...I mean I wasn't itchy (good thing) but I was slightly buzzed (bad thing). I sat in Starbucks, sipped on a Venti and tried to wake myself up! The caffeine seemed to do the trick.

I walked into the office and  immediately started to feel at ease. The staff are really nice, my predecessor is happy to help me out and Lynda and Heather are going to be great to work with.

Today is day two and I'm feeling pretty good. Only 3 weeks until frosh week and I've been warned that Labour Day weekend is Dal's Telethon. We shall see how I feel about the job after that!

It's not easy to leave something you love for the unknown. I needed this. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone, come to think of it maybe the hives are from my nerves and not a reaction to the medication...

Oh well tonight is Friday night and I am going to sit back with a Mojito and enjoy my weekend!

Happy Friday!!!

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