Can a miracle be found in the bottom of a DQ cup?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yesterday was Miracle Treat Day.

After supper Gordon and I took Austin to the Dairy Queen in Lower Sackville and I was thrilled with the scene that we walked into. The store was packed! Just as we squeezed in the door, a group of soccer players (young girls around 10-12 years old) started a rowdy rendition of "Happy Birthday Blizzard" people joined in and even clapped when they were done. The staff behind the counter were clearly overwhelmed but kept on smilling as they moved throught their assembly line approach to making the delicious frozen treats. The line of people went around the store, circled to the front door and then to the checkout. I had never seen DQ so packed! In addition to filling up on frosty goodness, people were also buying Miracle Balloons like they were going out of style.

Austin enjoyed his first Mini Orea Blizzard but he was far more interested in his Dad's Banana Cream Pie blizzard, so they took turns. Austin would eat his, then G's and then mine (smartie of course!). After we devoured our treats, we walked out of the store in a much better mood than we arrived. We had eaten ice cream (how could you not be happy after that?) and we had helped the IWK. It was an awesome night.

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